This is a temporary portfolio as I work on building my own site. Here you will find samples of my work interspersed with inspiring finds | Noelle

23, born and raised in Southern California
now battling temperatures in Upstate NY

B.A. in English; Psychology and Studio Art


"Reinterpretation: Portrait of Self" (pt. II), 2009

Artist Statement: Whenever I am looking at someone else’s photographs, I find myself disconnected, regardless of the story behind it or how much I care about that person, that event, or that interpretation. It can be an awful feeling, sometimes, especially when the guilt seeps in and you realize how narcissistic you have become. If it does not involve you, it will not entertain you. If it does not connect you, it will not hold you. You can look at pictures for only so long before you understand that your life experiences are so different–your lives are so different, regardless of how close you felt to them before. You two are on different planes. They describe their stories to you– the vacation in the Caribbean, the business trip in Los Angeles, the spontaneous adventure in the Rocky Mountains, the drunken nights spent inside, their friend’s wedding– and suddenly their words seem so foreign. For that brief period in time, you realize that the sharing of these photographs, which is supposed to bond you two together, is actually driving you two apart.

In this series of photographs, I captured literal parts of my own self and attached to them specific phrases that invoke my own certain memories. Viewed and read in order, not only do you come to view my whole portrait but a larger memory as well. This is a story about me. Yet, these phrases that are so specific to me, will hopefully be just as specific to you. In seeing these photographs together and in reading these words, I do not want a feeling of disconnect to exist. I do not want you to even understand the memories I am trying to convey but rather the memories inside yourself. Let the narcissism come out and find that this is a story about you. I want the sharing of these photographs to bond both you and me, even if neither of us realize it– even if only for a brief moment in time.

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